The original beyblade series is written and illustrated by Takao Aoki. Originally serialized in Coro Coro Comics from 2000 to 2002, and the individual chapters were collected and published in 14 Tankobon by Shogakukan. The series focuses on a group of kids who form teams with which they battle one another using powerful Spinning tops which is now called "Beyblades".

Original SeriesEdit

The manga is licensed for English language release in North America by Viz Media. The manga was adapted into a three-season anime series. The first season, spanning 51 episodes, aired in Japan on TV Tokyo from January 8, 2001 to December 24, 2001. The second season, Beyblade V-Force, ran for another 51 episodes from January 7, 2002 until December 30, 2002. The third season, Beyblade G Revolution, also spanned 51 episodes (the 51st was a double-length special but was split into two episodes for the Western release) and ran from January 6, 2003, until its conclusion on December 29, 2003. The seasons are licensed by Nelvena for an English-language release in North America.

Metal SagaEdit

A new series of Beyblade has been released in 2009 (2010 in U.S.), entitled Beyblade: Metal Fusion (known as Metal Fight Beyblade in Japan). It features a new cast of characters and Beyblades. Beyblade: Metal Masters has also been released in 2010 (2011 in U.S.) and a sequel of Beyblade: Metal Fury has been launced which is currently running in Japan (2011) and will be launched in U.S. in the middle of 2012.Beyblade Metal Fight Zero-G is in air in Japan (2012) and USA in (TBA).